Associate Creative Director


  • Tokyo, Japan

Niantic Art/UX/Design works with some of the world's most advanced AR technologies to design visually innovative mobile experiences for users worldwide, encouraging discovery, exercise, and meaningful social experiences.

This position will cultivate a creative environment at Niantic and strengthen the company’s impact on the world by building engaging experiences.


  • Drive Niantic’s North Star experiences with Niantic's cross-functional directors and leads by implementing a culture of user storytelling at the company.
  • Produce various forms of media that help chart Niantic’s future, develop a culture of tolerance and empathy through creativity, and inspires employees and partners to seek ownership of their experience with Niantic’s platform and technologies.
  • Develop and produce films, short videos, animations, and other multimedia for internal and external audiences. Use cases include but are not limited to promotional material for IP, products, features, technology, team-building outputs, internal proof of concepts, evergreen branding assets, and visual experimentation.
  • Be a liaison for content creators to deliver engaging content. Collaborators and partners include in-house resources and teams, external producers, filmmakers, designers, artists, developers, and production companies.
  • Supervise external partners that encourage experimentation and story-driven experiences with practical applications.


  • Demonstrable leadership skills with both problem solving and diplomatic skills.
  • Proven ability to work with an established art style and deliver an experience that appeals to local and global audiences.
  • Portfolio of work that showcases a wide variety of original programming, directed films, and short videos.
  • Previous experience leading teams internally and coordinating external partners.
  • Previous experience as a Creative Director with 6 or more years working in creative content creation or equivalent leadership experience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Japanese.

Join the Niantic team!

Niantic は、世界有数のAR (拡張現実)テクノロジーの提供によって、人々が現実世界でクリエイティブな魅力にあふれた冒険のきっかけを作っています。私たちの製品・サービスは、外に出て探索する、運動する、そして人と人とのつながりを作ることを促すことを願ってつくられています。

2011年にGoogle で設立され、任天堂株式会社、株式会社 ポケモン、Alsop Louie Partners などの心強い投資家のサポートを受けて、2015年に独立しました。現在Nianticが提供するコンシューマー向けタイトルには、世界をコントロールすることをテーマにした先駆的なゲーム「Ingress」、記録やぶりのAR ゲーム「Pokémon GO」、「Pikmin Bloom」などがあります。また、2021年11月には、開発者向けAR プラットフォームである Lightship の提供を開始しました。

Niantic は雇用機会均等雇用者です。Niantic の製品を愛してくださっているコミュニティの皆様に喜んで頂ける製品・サービスをつくるにはまず、全ての社員を支え、それぞれが自分の安全な居場所があることを実感できる環境を作ることが必要不可欠であると確信しています。このミッションのためにはテクノロジー業界において過小評価されてきた人材もふくめ、積極的に多様性(ダイバーシティー)を反映する人を募集し、採用することを重視しています。これはNianticの価値観においてもっともコアなものだと考えています。

私たちは、毎日わくわくしながら、知的好奇心をもち、課題解決への情熱を大切に、楽しく仕事に取り組んでいます。Niantic は、サンフランシスコ、サニーベール、ベルビュー、ロサンゼルス、ロンドン、東京、ハンブルグ、チューリッヒの各都市にオフィスを持ち、それぞれで採用を広げています。

Niantic is the world’s leading AR technology company, sparking creative and engaging journeys in the real world. Our products inspire outdoor exploration, exercise, and meaningful social interaction.

Originally formed at Google in 2011, we became an independent company in 2015 with a strong group of investors including Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, and Alsop Louie Partners. Our current consumer titles include pioneering global-control game Ingress, record-breaking AR game Pokémon GO, and Pikmin Bloom. In November 2021, we launched our developer platform, Lightship, enabling creators to build immersive AR experiences around the globe.

Niantic is an Equal Opportunity employer. We believe that cultivating a workplace where our people are supported and included is essential to creating great products our community will love. Our mission emphasizes seeking and hiring diverse voices, including those who are traditionally underrepresented in the technology industry, and we consider this to be one of the most important values we hold close.

We're a hard-working, fun, and exciting group who value intellectual curiosity and a passion for problem-solving! We have growing offices located in San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Bellevue, Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, Hamburg, and Zurich.