Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission is to use emerging technology to enrich our experiences as human beings in the physical world. We build products that inspire movement, exploration, and face-to-face social interactions. When you attend our events, you immediately see the rich diversity of ages, abilities, personalities, origins, economic backgrounds, religions, genders and ethnicities of the people playing our games. We take great pride in creating games that are universally loved by so many different people, and we want our products to reach (and positively impact) as many humans on the planet as possible.

Diverse teams are valuable, are more successful, and better serve their customers. Niantic’s diversity and inclusion strategy creates opportunities for every employee to maximize their contributions and to enable a culture of innovation. Equally importantly, it strengthens the communities in which we live, work, and play through our commitment to build communities and partnerships that recognize and value diverse cultures and perspectives.

Honors and Awards

2021 Gay Gaming Professionals (GGP) Honors

Niantic is proud to be recognized by GGP for making significant efforts to promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging across the gaming industry.

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Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that unite around a common affinity, experience, and/or interests to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Adventuring together means all of us!


LGBTQ+ community at Niantic

The name “Compass” was chosen to represent diverse types of sexual orientation and gender identity, and the celebration of finding one’s own unique path in the world. Compass aims to provide LGBTQ+ people and allies at Niantic with opportunities for personal and professional development as well as a safe space for discussion and social connection. Compass promotes activism around important issues through educational workshops and community outreach.


Women and marginalized genders community at Niantic

The name “Wolfpack” is a reference to Abby Wambach’s viral commencement speech about coming together as women to change the game. Wolfpack aims to inspire and connect the women of Niantic to each other and organizations that support women in the workplace through discussion, collaboration, and mentorship. Wolfpack hopes to cultivate opportunities for our members’ professional and personal development through discussion, gatherings, and interpersonal connections.


Black community at Niantic

The name “Wakanda” is a reference to the blockbuster film Black Panther in which the land of Wakanda is a place to celebrate Black excellence. Wakanda supports all members of the African Diaspora through mentorship and career advocacy while developing a robust recruiting pipelines that creates a diverse and inclusive workplace. Wakanda aims to advise internal teams on inclusive product development and amplify Black voices in the gaming industry through community involvement.


LatinX community at Niantic

Niantico’s mission is to promote cultural awareness in the workplace and to empower Latinxs of Niantic to come together and give back to their communities. We hope to provide Nicanticos with opportunities for personal and professional growth, and a safe space for social discussion and collaboration to build relationships and create new connections. We want to celebrate and share our Hispanic and Latin American heritage with our allies and help create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


Disability and accessibility community at Niantic

A map's legend defines its features and makes it more accessible. The name "Legend" represents our goal: to guide Niantic and the world beyond to adopt practices that enable everyone across the spectrum of ability to explore the world. Legend hopes to increase the visibility of the needs of people with disabilities, and foster a community of support and education for people with disabilities and their allies.

Guardians (of the Galaxy)

Parents and caregivers community at Niantic

Guardians (of the Galaxy) aims to build and connect an inclusive community of Parents and Caregivers at Niantic that helps support their needs and fosters understanding of and seeks allyship on the specific struggles and challenges working parents and caregivers face. Guardians (of the Galaxy) hopes to facilitate access to resources, experts, mentors, and help tools for all Niantic parents and caregivers to help them achieve their full potential on their personal and professional journey.


AAPI community at Niantic

AAPI at Niantic hopes to cultivate a community of individuals with a shared interest in Asian and Pacific Islander culture and history by promoting friendship and empathy within our Asian community and among allies, and providing a safe space for discussion of cultural and current events. By championing inclusivity through this lens, we aim to raise awareness and acceptance of Asian and Pacific Islander people and culture, both at Niantic and beyond.