Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission is to use emerging technology to enrich our experiences as human beings in the physical world. We build products that inspire movement, exploration, and face-to-face social interactions. When you attend our events, you immediately see the rich diversity of ages, abilities, personalities, origins, economic backgrounds, religions, genders and ethnicities of the people playing our games. We take great pride in creating games that are universally loved by so many different people, and we want our products to reach (and positively impact) as many humans on the planet as possible.

Diverse teams are valuable, are more successful, and better serve their customers. Niantic’s diversity and inclusion strategy creates opportunities for every employee to maximize their contributions and to enable a culture of innovation. Equally importantly, it strengthens the communities in which we live, work, and play through our commitment to build communities and partnerships that recognize and value diverse cultures and perspectives.

Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that unite around a common affinity, experience, and/or interests to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Adventuring together means all of us!